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June 2014 Chapter Event

Topic:      2014 Ohio Energy Market Update Conference
                Qualifies for Continuing Education Credits:    4 PDH
When:      June 27, 2014, 8am - noon  (7:30 - 8am registration)
Where:     Kingsgate Marriott Conference Center at the University of Cincinnati
                151 Goodman Dr, Cincinnati 45219   
Cost:        $75 per AEE or ASHRAE member,  $100 per Non-Member
                $60 for groups of 5 or more

New rules, rates and regulations will affect the electric industry, prices, and reliability for all Ohio energy users. The 2014 Energy Market Update Conference, co-hosted by AEE and ASHRAE, presented current information about Duke Energy's new rates, PJM, Renewable and Energy Efficiency Markets, natural gas and electric de-regulation and how to reduce energy costs.  Attendees learned how Duke Energy's new rates will affect customers, how the move to PJM has affected other Ohio users and what can be expected in Cincinnati area.  All listened to experts in the fields of natural gas and electric commodities to learn what new and changing technologies may impact Ohio's energy market in the future.  This event was organized and moderated by AEE SW Ohio Chapter V.P. Joe Harrell. 

Speakers included:

•  Bill Seitz, Ohio State Senator, Chair of Senate Public Utilities Committee

    Click to read Senator Seitz' bio

    Click to see Senator Seitz' breakdown of Ohio Senate bills - Changes to Ohio's Renewable Portfolio Std

•   Adam Keech, Director, Market Operations for PJM
    Click to read Adam Keech's bio
    Click to see Adam Keech's presentation - How Changes in PJM Markets & New Regulations Will Affect You

•  Dino Caro, Senior Vice President for Integrys Energy
    Click to read Dino Caro's bio
    Click to see Dino Caro's presentation - Natural Gas & Electric Market Update

•  Sam Randazzo, Member, McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC - How the Sale of Ohio Power Plants Will Affect Ohio Rates &                     Reliability
    click to read Sam Randazzo's bio

•  Jim Ziolkowski, Rate Manager for Duke Energy
    click to read Jim Ziolkowski's  Bio
    click to see Jim Ziolkowski's presentation - Duke Energy Price & Rate Case Update

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