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April 2018 Chapter Event

Topic:      Tour of Mean Green Mowers (Battery Lawn Mower)
When:      Friday Apr 13, starting at 2pm
Where:     4404 Hamilton Cleves Rd. #2, Hamilton, OH 45013
Cost:         None to attend or to park

The chapter was happy to host a hour and half tour of Mean Green Mowers. They are zero emissions, low noise, zero gas, and low maintenance. Leveraging the Electric Advantage takes away the stresses of traditional gas powered mowers. Without the harmful fumes, obnoxious noises, little maintenance, and no more trips to the gas station there is now more time to focus on the actual job! Mean Green has taken the extra work out of maintaining the yard, simply flip the switch and cut the grass.


Driving Directions:  

From Cincinnati, OH:

-        Get on I-75 N from E 6th St

-        Take I-74 to OH-128 in Miamitown. Take exit 7 from I-74

-        Turn right onto OH-128 (Hamilton Cleves Pike Rd)

-        Turn right onto Morgan Ln (Destination is to the left of Morgan Ln)

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