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 September 2009 Chapter Event

Topic:      Carbon Sequestration Project Open House
When:      Tuesday, September 1,  6pm - 7:30pm

Where:     Duke-Energy's East Bend Power Plant, KY Route 338,  Rabbit Hash KY

Duke-Energy will host a demonstration of carbon sequestration at its 650 mW East Bend generator station in southeast Boone County.  This demonstration is not just SW Ohio AEE's September meeting.  The general public has also been invited by Duke.  AEE members are also welcome to bring guests.  There is no cost or fee to attend.


This project is a field test for permanently storing CO2 deep under the East Bend Station.  This is one of several tests being conducted by the Midwest Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership (MRCSP).  Columbus, Ohio-based Battelle, a nonprofit research institute, is the partnership's leader.  More than 20 such tests are being conducted nationwide under the U.S. DOE's Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership Program.


The East Bend project started in autumn 2006 when MRCSP did a seismic survey.  Beginning in September 2009, about 2 or 3 tanker trucks of CO2 per day over a few months will be injected into the ground.  CO2 is first compressed to a liquid, then injected through a well into rock formations that are filled with salty water.  Injection will occur at a depth of 3000-3500 feet, far below local drinking water sources which are at a depth of less than 100 feet in this region.  The hope is that the injected CO2 will remain trapped for millions of years, like oil or gas deposits.


Driving Directions:

From Cincinnati, go south on I-75/71 to exit #175.  This exit is north of the I-71 / I-75 split, but a couple exits south of Florence Mall.  Exit 175 (Richwood) puts you on KY Route 338.  Go west.  Expect at least 25 minutes from 75/71 to East Bend Station.  Heading west on KY 338, road is initially called Richwood Pike.  But follow the 338 signs, since 338 uses a few roads of different names.  When 338 appears to deadend at US 42, turn left and go less than 1 mile before turning right at a flashing light onto Beaver Road, which is still 338.  When 338 begins to descend, East Bend's smokestack should be visible way off in the distance.  Soon you pass Big Bone Lick State Park on the left.  This is a little over halfway from 75/71 to East Bend.  Look eventually for Duke-Energy's East Bend Station sign and driveway on the left.

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