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January 2013 Chapter Event

Topic:  LED Technology Presented by LSI Industries

When:  January 31, 2013 - 2pm
Where:  5140 River Valley Rd, Milford, OH 45150

Steve Melink will lead our tour of his LEED Platinum facility, showing and discussing how systems were designed and perform.

•  The 30,000 sf all-electric facility includes 20,000 sft of offices and meeting space, 10,000 sf for a light manufacturing plant.

•  Aiming to be a net-zero energy building, walls have R-19 insulation, roof has R-30 and high-performance windows maximize daylighting and solar reflection while minimizing convection losses.

•  Sun shades and blinds on windows reduce solar gain during warmer months

•  Geothermal wells with over 5 miles of underground piping heat and cool the building.

•  Installed solar electric including seven of Melink's pre-engineered Ingrid® 2kW ground-mounted solar PV systems, one 25.5kW ground-mounted solar array, and one 11.8kW solar canopy installed on the corporate campus.

•  A low-speed wind turbine complements the solar PV systems by generating power when the sun is not shining

•  25kW in lead-acid and lithium-ion battery storage reduces peak-demand in summer and winter.  When the solar and wind systems create excess energy, it is stored in batteries first before sending energy to the utility electric grid.

•  Power usage is monitored via sub-meters for each section of the building to allow separate monitoring of HVAC, lighting, and plug loads.  Temperature, CO2, light levels, geothermal water temperature and flow-rates are also monitored.

•  A solar thermal system minimizes electric heating for hot water for the second floor gym showers

•  Company cars include a Chevy Volt and several Toyota Priuses


Driving directions

From I-275 on east-side of Greater Cincinnati

•  Take exit 59 for OH-450 toward Hillsboro/US-50

•  Merge onto Milford Pkwy, heading east

•  Turn right onto US-50.  Go south abt 2 miles

•  Turn right on Round Bottom Rd.  Go west abt 1 mile

•  Turn right (north) on River Valley Rd

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