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March 2023 FC Cincinnati’s TQL Stadium 

The Southwest Ohio Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers is pleased to host a tour of FC Cincinnati’s TQL Stadium, which opened in the spring of 2021. Please RSVP by Wednesday, March 22.

The tour of the entire stadium includes:

Private event spaces

Team locker room

Press level and AV room

Team Store

Additional Facts: 


  • At 12.4 acres in space, TQL Stadium is twice the size of Washington Park – just a few blocks away … additionally the area equivalent to six Fountain Squares can also fit on the stadium’s footprint. 

  • The 59 suites in TQL Stadium will be the most in an MLS venue that doesn’t also host an NFL team. 

  • For comparison, the distance from the field of the furthest seat in the building – 130’ – equals the maximum height allowed of a commercial building in Washington, D.C. … the distance also equals the length of two half-semi trucks, and is the wingspan of a Boeing 757 airplane. 

  • The Mercy Health Plaza is three-fourths the size of a football field. 

  • The team’s store footprint is equivalent to three tennis courts. 

  • The length of the stadium’s 1,200 auger cast piles (which create the deep foundation system) would equal the height of 117 Great American Towers if laid end to end. 

  • The stadium’s steel order (8,500 tons) is equal to the weight of 42,500 lions … it’s also more steel that was used to build the Eiffel Tower in Paris. 

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