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 August 2010 Chapter Event

Topic:      Tour UC's CARE/Crawley Building
When:      Friday, August 27, 2pm
Where:     3255 Eden Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45219

The CARE/Crawley Building is about collaboration in a setting where scientists and students can interact outside the lab or classroom and exchange knowledge.  The striking exterior design encourages innovation, inspiring students and faculty toward new approaches in research.  The 9-story atrium bathes the interior in natural light, radiating warmth and openness.

With this new addition, UC boasts an ideal setting for its researchers, educators and clinicians as they seek answers to  the health-related problems facing us today.  The CARE/Crawley Building provides 240,000 square feet of new space on UC's medical campus, including lab, research, teaching and library facilities.  It creates an open, urban-like setting, to encourage interactivity and a sense of collegial community.

The newest building on the medical campus may also be one of the "greenest" science buildings in the nation. The CARE/Crawley Building was designed with sustainability in mind, from its overall design to the materials and methods used in its construction.  The building is designed to achieve a LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Silver Rating from the USGBC.  That will be a significant accomplishment for a laboratory research building, which by its primary function is energy intensive.

Facts about the CARE Building:
- 600 ton water to water heatpump
- Heat wheel
- Heat recovery from labs
- Rain water harvesting for lawn sprinkler system 
- LEED certified silver going for gold 
- Computer controlled windows for natural ventilation
- Clear walkway bridges to allow daylighting
- Partially heated or cooled atrium
- Received American Architecture Award in 2002.

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