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September 2014 Chapter Event

Topic:      Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems
When:      Sep 26, 2014, 2pm
Where:     Mitsubishi Electric's Midwest Training Center,  2367 Progress Dr., Hebron, KY 41048 
Cost:        None

Learn about Mitsubishi Electric's "Variable Refrigerant Flow" or "VRF" air conditioning systems which offer distributed airflow and independent control of indoor units.  Installation flexibility and a wide selection of indoor unit designs and outdoor unit capacities ensure "best match" solutions for air conditioning needs, even for the most diversified requirements.  VRF moves refrigerant to the zone to be heated or cooled, allowing the temperature of that zone to be more precisely controlled.  One unit can simultaneously cool some zones while heating other zones or providing comfort control to zones that are in use.  Consideration for the environment during development led to the manufacture of powerful, compact units that consume minimal energy, have a high coefficient of performance (COP) and contribute to maximum room comfort.

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